Licensing process in Curacao

In order to obtain a license in Curacao for the purpose of online gambling, which covers all fields of iGaming activity from betting to lottery, poker, casino and other games, the applicant needs to go through a vetting process that takes from two to four weeks. To apply for a license applicant has to provide all the required documentation, pay all applicable fees and set up a local company that will be a holder of a license. Beside of that there is also a requirement to have at least minimum local hosting in Curacao. All these requirements can be met one by one, or by full package solution that has all these services included and will save lots of time and money.

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Required documentation and information

In general you are required to provide personal, legal, financial, and company information when applying for a gambling license in Curacao. The best way to handle the whole process is through a turnkey solution, which speeds up the handling of information, as well as ensures that all necessary documentation is present when handing in the application. It is possible to speed up the process by sending the necessary documents via email, and providing the signed documents through mail before the end of the process. This is done to ensure that no time is wasted. As a special notice the authority also provides even faster 24-48 hour service for certain pre-approved operators, but these are single cases and require licenses in other areas of operation.

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Below is a list of common documents and information required, though do notice that this list is not exhaustive and in order to find the full and all inclusive list of requirements it is best to contact the licensing authority directly or a company that provides a turnkey licensing solutions.

  • Certificate of criminal record for the owner of the company.
  • Copy of passport and other identification documents for the owners.
  • Bank references for the company and owners.
  • 3rd party certification for games on offer.
  • Description of services and games on offer.
  • Proof of right for domain names.
  • Certificate of N. V. company integration.
  • Power of attorney.

Efficient solution

The process is naturally best done through a party that offers the required legal and administrative help to get the right papers to the right address. The requirements vary in this regard as well, though they are by no means arbitrary. Rather every application is judged on a case by case basis, which makes the processing time of 2 to 4 weeks quite impressive. Especially when compared to other jurisdictions that offer iGaming solutions. The all around solution when applying via an intermediary company often also includes setting up the necessary banking and IT connections, and include the set up of E-Zone Company.

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